Fit Mums Outdoor Postnatal Buggy Class

Fitmums is an outdoor postnatal buggy fitness class offering new mums the opportunity to regain their strength and fitness safely other new mums in a fun, relaxed environment. The classes are outdoors, giving mum and baby the benefits of fresh air, plus there is no need for childcare.

Classes are a mixture of cardiovascular, resistance, core and pelvic floor exercises designed to help the new mum become stronger and fitter in her daily life. As posture and core stability improve and fitness returns, exercises are progressed to be more challenging.

Who can Join Fitmums?

All mums are welcome to join the class as long as:

1) You have had your 6-8 week check up with your GP

2) You are also 12+ weeks post natal (This is only applicable to c-section births to allow your body a little extra time to heal)

When/ where are classes held?

Every Wednesday at 10:00hrs, CURRENTLY HELD LIVE VIA ZOOM

(Can't make the class? - no worries!!! A recording of the class is provided every week in our private whatsapp group

How to Join

Please contact Jo if you would like to join Fitmums classes.

Before coming to classes, you will be asked to complete a pre-screening form. You will then have a consultation with Jo before your first class, where we will discuss your prescreening form and I will check your abdominal muscles to for separation (diastasis Recti). Your are then ready to start!


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